The Key To Affordable Wedding Dresses

Weddings can be quite costly, and as you plan for one, youll realize just how much money youll be spending for a one-day event. Sure, its a momentous day for you and the whole family, but just because its a grand celebration doesnt mean that you cant do your best to cut down on unnecessary costs. There are hundreds of wedding dresses tagged with tempting price tags and sketchy sales, but you should never sacrifice quality for price. Were here to guide you through the middle line by giving you affordable, but quality designer wedding dresses located throughout London.

London Bride Couture

London Bride Couture holds dresses by household names such as Yolancris and Paloma Blanca. Better yet, paying frequent visits to their website can help you find discounted versions of their gowns. If you have no particular designs in mind, then paying London Bride Couture a visit can help you find one among the array of designer dresses. From the traditional white gown with an embroidered train to trumpet dresses in blush, theres sure to be a dress to catch your eye.

Teokath of London

If you happen to be looking for high quality designer wedding dresses at only a fraction of their original cost, then look into the Elys of Wimbledon Boutique by Teokath of London. You can simply set up an appointment with them to try on any available sample sale dresses to see if they can fit you like a glove. With prices that can be reduced by up to 75%, any bride on a budget would be interested in paying them a visit.

Large, billowing skirts of tule by David Fielden are set at an affordable £200 with prices going slightly up for other pieces. With some of his works being worn by American and British celebrities alike, theres no excuse for turning up an opportunity to buying his renowned gowns at a lower price than usual.

Phase Eight

If youre not too excited about going out of your way to visit a boutique in order to inquire about their rates and stock, then online boutiques may just be your saviour. Phase Eight is a London-based online boutique that happens to sell an array of seasonal wedding dresses. From mid-length skirts to embroidered bodices and elegant trains, theres a chance youll find a dress to suits your taste. Almost all of their dresses come at a price of £500 or lower, which means your wallet can relax as you browse the online stores selections. Unable to find the perfect dress? If you wait a bit longer for their stocks to change, chances are the new style of the season will be exactly what youre looking for.

Its a myth that youll need to spend big in order to have an enjoyable wedding, and the list above is there to prove it. Dont worry too much about pouring out your savings just to hire a designer to make you a custom gown when there are hundreds of selections out there at only a fraction of the price. Once you have an affordable designer wedding dress on, you wont have a single regret about making some savings.