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Eye Makeup Tips

If you use your wand vertically, you can use the top of the brush to apply mascara to any of your shorter eye lashes. This method works great to get those corner lashes that always get missed when using the conventional method of mascara application. Click here for more tips on makeup and skin care routines.

False Eyelashes Or Eyelash Extensions – Big Eyes

Eyelash fills are around £80. (There are less expensive, and more expensive, options.) If women follow lash-care instructions, the extensions are said to last for up to 8 weeks, however, many women seem to need fills every 4 weeks (or more often). At this salon I suggest you make an appointment for Russian lashes - they are amazing!

There is a special type of mascara to use with synthetic lashes, but most women dont need it. Eyelash extensions can be applied for a big event, such as a wedding, and then never reapplied. Not all women are candidates for extensions.

Originally, Latisse was a glaucoma medication, but someone noticed that one of its side effects was extremely long-growing lashes. While the FDA recently approved Latisse as a beauty aid, some doctors wonder why it was approved for cosmetic usage, and docs definitely recommend getting a complete eye exam before using it. This drug can make light eyes turn brown. Latisse should not be used by any woman without the full knowledge of her opthamologist.

As always, check with a physician if there is any question about these products or if one has an allergic reaction to a specific glue or other product.

In general, good false eyelashes like Mac or Shu Uemura, and Shu Uemura adhesive, are easy-to-master products. Women with big bucks, often, like the convenience of lash extensions. Anyone considering Latisse should discuss the pros and cons with an opthamologist.

Anti Aging Tips For Mature Skin

Implants and fillers may not be simple treatments you can achieve at home, but they will immensely improve the look of an ageing face.I had lip fillers done last month, and now my lips look much fuller than before, and therefore give my face a younger look. You are advised to do your homework and always seek out a professional therapist to carry out this procedure.

Try out these anti aging and skin treatments and provided you combine them with a healthy diet and lifestyle you should be able to maintain gorgeous youthful skin for decades!

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What Makes a Woman Beautiful


It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. With that statement it could be concluded that beauty is not static but rather a changing phenomenon in every culture and context.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and you don't have to look too far to realize that's true. We've all done some things in the name of beauty (eyelash extensions, Brazilian waxes and tanning beds, to name a few) that probably seem crazy to people in different cultures who define beauty much differently.

Here in the U.S., we may value long, flowy hair, bronzed skin and a face free of wrinkles, but in other parts of the world, pale complexions, visible scars and shaved heads are the enviable traits. Here, we explore nine very different qualities that are considered beautiful around the globe. Find out if you would you be considered beautiful in these far-flung destinations. Sourced from:

The Mursi women residing in Ethiopia might shock many with their concept of beauty. In Mursi culture, beautiful women have clay plates embedded in their lips.

After all the hype about the beads I had on me, the talk turned to beauty. A woman confessed: “Look at me now.

Without my clay plate, I look horrible. Nobody’s paying attention to me. But you will see, let me wear it now and I will be the most beautiful woman on earth!”.


At the age of 10, Mursi women pierce their ear lobes, and at the age of 15, their lower lips to wear their trademark item; the colourful clay plates they are most famous for. These modifications are carried to enhance their beauty and power of seduction. To make me feel at ease, they even offered to pierce my lip so that I could join them in being beautiful. Sourced from:

While the modern world keeps flashing images of the ideal woman on screen somewhere in the world the ideal woman means something else. The western world sees a woman who is slender or blonde as the ideal woman but in other cultures slender is the new ugly.

All over the Sahara, both in Morocco and Mauritania, men and women of the region agree upon the importance of obesity and being fat in defining a beautiful or an ugly woman. For them, the fatter a woman is, the more beautiful she is. On the contrary, fit girls and women are seen as ugly, undesirable and unwanted.

Starting from the age of thirteen, families start the process of papering their daughters for marital life. They prepare them psychologically and physically to get married and to show that they are beautiful so as to attract good husbands from rich families and powerful tribes.

In fact, families are proud of their fat daughters as, in their collective consciousness and sub-consciousness, being fat means that the girls belongs to wealthy, rich and noble families. That’s why mothers do their best to force their girls to eat more so as to be fat to be a source of pride for their families. Sourced from:

Outward appearance should not be considered much more important than personality. Every one has their own beautiful version of themselves.

In my opinion, the most attractive people are the ones who know that their physical appearance isn’t the most attractive thing about them. They have a certain kind of confidence, they’re usually more fun to hang out with, and they’re the kind of people who are ready to love you for who you are. Not what you are.

I think that attraction that is not physical can end up being physical eventually, when you really grow to care about someone. Listen, I’m not going to lie and say that personal grooming and cleanliness aren’t important, they obviously are. But at the end of the day, you need to be with someone who wants you for who you are, and respects how you want to present yourself. Not someone who wants you to look like they want you to. Sourced from: